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Maybe it’s a cliché, but since childhood I dreamed of “having my own fashion house”. It all started during craft classes in elementary school, when I discovered tailoring. I found it fascinating to design and make clothes and dress as I wanted, especially since before 1989 you couldn’t find any clothes that were distinctive. Obviously, I nagged my mom until she bought me a sewing machine, Veronica – it became my best friend, until around 2000s, when I started being too busy with my work and clothes could be found anywhere. But, life’s interesting like that…

I’m an entrepreneur in the field of interior design, production of upholstered furniture, so it’s not very far from what I always wanted… I “dress up” furniture, not people. But, I think that sooner or later, what’s meant for you, conquers you!

Ironically, 2020 was a lucky year for me! While the world was facing the pandemic I took the time to rediscover what I’ve really wanted to do since childhood! And since then, I have been working, documented myself, learned a lot and tried to find out how I could offer “a touch” of brilliance to today’s active woman! And so I discovered the wonderful world of natural leather accessories and not I’m not talking about just any type of leather, but metallic leather, lacquered and shiny.

Now, in 2023, I am ready to make my dream come true: Chiardo! It’s me!

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